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Get the tools and techniques to break down the communication barriers so you can get the results you have been desiring from your employees, with the following services.

Multi-Generational Leadership
For the first time in U.S. history, there are 6 generations in the workforce. And leaders are spending up to 75% of their day playing referee between their employees instead of focusing on the business. Using a proprietary process called M2 (square) Mastering A Multigenerational Workforce, Krishna shows leaders how to quickly restore relationships, improve communication and foster an environment of collaboration and teambuilding among their diverse workforce.

Millennials Making Moves program (geared for those 32 and under)
As the largest generation in today’s workforce, it is crucial Millennials are groomed for leadership roles. For the past 15 years Krishna has coached and developed Millennials into leaders at various Fortune 500 companies. At least 2/3 of those who follow her Millennials Making Moves program are either promoted, receive raises, and/or accolades within the first 12 months of completion of the program.

Workplace mediation services helps employees and employers determine realistic and workable solutions without the stress of litigation, bad press and occurring substantial financial and emotional costs. Challenges requiring mediation include: personality conflicts, discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour disputes, union disputes, wrongful termination and employment contracts. Krishna has a 95% success rate. She mediates cases for the EEOC – Philadelphia District office and State of NJ Municipal Courts.

In a world filled with noise, conflict and constant change, it’s no wonder many people are struggling to perform at work and are battling depression, fatigue, sickness and racing thoughts. If you are leader wanting to restore sanity back to the workplace for your employees or you are struggling with getting it all done while being a good husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, son and friend then our coaching program is for you. Our coaching program helps individuals reclaim their “workplace sanity” and restore relationships with clients, coworkers and loved ones.

HR Consulting
While we specialize in small businesses, we also work with medium sized businesses assisting them through the entire employee life cycle process: recruiting and retention, employee retention and engagement. Our services include but are not limited to

· Background Checks
· HR Audits
· Succession Planning
· Career Pathing
· Performance Management
· Employee Relations
· Assessments
· Strategic Planning

Customized Training and Development Workshops
HR 4 Your Small Biz offers an array of high-quality training and professional development workshops that can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. Workshops include:
· Supervisory and Management Training
· High Performing vs High Potential Employees
· Executive Development
· Time Management
· Communication
· Customer Service
· Creativity and Innovation
· Professionalism
· Projects, Priorities and Promises

You can book Krishna for keynotes, conferences, workshops, seminars, business retreats and team trainings. Krishna’s speaking engagement is like no other. Her energy and stage presence is contagious and inspires action.

If you want to improve your employee’s communication, commitment and consistency, conact HR 4 Your Small Biz today by clicking the button below or calling 609-436-9363.