For the last 10 years HR 4 Your Small Biz has used a proprietary process called Millennials Making Moves which help clients immediately improve their millennial employees’ performance and productivity by at least 35% within the first 45 days.  

Millennials Making Moves is a professional development program for young professionals between the ages of 21-35 and is divided into three levels: the intermediate, advanced and master.

Intermediate Level:

Geared towards young professionals ages 21-30 with less than 7 years of demonstrated experience working in corporate America on a full-time basis.  

The intermediate level is 6 courses delivered over 8 weeks. Each course is 90 minutes long and includes prework and post work.  This program is for professionals new to the workplace and who wishes to be taken seriously by management. It will enhance business acumen, communication, critical thinking skills and improve the ability to manage multiple projects, priorities and deadlines.

Advanced Level:

Prerequisite must have completed the intermediate level or has worked in Corporate America on a full-time basis for at least 7 years and be at least 26 years of age.

This 10-week intensive program focuses on 4 key areas seniors leaders look for when promoting individuals including strategic planning, execution and conflict resolution.

Mastery Level: CEO 101

This is 12-week customized senior leadership development curriculum and coaching program is for the leader who wants to be well equipped and confident to have a seat at the executive table.

Prerequisite: Participants must have completed the advanced level.  And must also be a member of the management team at their organization or on the path to getting there (supervisory level or higher.  He or she really wants to take their career to the next level. Participants will receive coaching in 6 keys areas including establishing strategic alliances and partnerships, networking with the C-Suite and personal branding.

Millennials Making Moves Alumni Program

After completion of any level, participants will receive a certification of completion and can continue their membership in the Millennial Making Moves Alumni Program which provides ongoing support and coursework that grows with one’s career.