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Krishna Powell

Krishna Powell is the CEO of HR 4 Your Small Biz. She helps leaders leverage their multi-generational workforce to increase employee performance, productivity and profits. She uses her understanding of human behavior to bridge the communication divide and mediate employment cases for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, New Jersey Municipal Courts and private parties. Over her 20-year career, Krishna has traveled the world extensively leading the HR/Talent Management function in various Fortune 100 and 200 companies throughout the United States, France, China and Singapore.  

When it comes to managing a multigenerational workforce, I excel at bridging the gap between communication, commitment and consistency.  I am excited and grateful to use my gifts and talents to solve the frustration and disappointment leader’s experience when managing a multigenerational workforce.  For example, I worked with a client who struggled with managing her multigenerational workforce which impacted her departments’ numbers. By leveraging my gifts and talents on their behalf I was able to help her increase her department’s productivity by 35% within the first 30 days.

"I help leaders leverage their multi-generational workforce so they increase employee performance, productivity and profits. I help millennials improve their communication, commitment, and consistency so they thrive in their personal and professional lives."

For the last 10 years I’ve used a proprietary process called Millennials Making Moves that helps my clients immediately improve their employees’ performance and productivity by at least 35% within the first 45 days of working with me.

If you want to improve your employee’s communication, commitment and consistency, call HR 4 Your Small Biz today